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“Make the Jump to Jazz” includes all three-5-week-segments, “Jazz Blues”, “Rhythm Changes”, “Jam Prep” Sundays at 4pm

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August 29, 2021 2:00 pm
January 2, 2022 3:30 pm

Chord Melody From the Ground Up

“Make the Jump to Jazz” is three 5-week segments

Get started with jazz or simply deepen your understanding of it! Develop your jazz fundamentals that include the basics of jazz harmony, jazz chord shapes, rhythm and lead approaches that include practical approaches to generating groove and good phrasing. Expand the classic blues progression to the jazz blues progression, then delve into the I VI II V and its variations via “Rhythm Changes”. Learn to substitute and play lush chords built on these standard changes, and to develop melodic ideas that reflect the details of the chords. Further apply your understanding of chord/scale relationships to create creative and rich melodic and chordal sounds that are relevant to progressively more elaborate chord progressions. Read chord charts (or “comp” or play accompaniment) and form melodic phrases that will allow you to play any tune on-the-fly at a jazz jam.

Sundays 4pm EST, 90 Minutes
Dates begin on Sunday, August 29th. First 5-week segment will run from 8/29 to 9/26 
Total cost is $200 per 5-week segment payable via PayPal
$50 discount when you purchase all three 5-week segments in a bundle. That’s $550 for all 15 weeks!

We’ll start with “Jazz Blues.” The blues is the common ancestor of both rock and jazz, and it makes it a great, accessible place to start! In the first 5 weeks you’ll clarify and develop your jazz fundamentals. You’ll understand the basics of jazz harmony, increase your chord vocabulary, explore new rhythm and lead styles, and open your ears to new sounds and ideas.

 The second 5-week course explores “Rhythm Changes.” This common chord progression is the foundation of  Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm”, Charlie Parker’s “Anthropology” and even the theme from the Flintstones! You’ll discover the simple logic that defines the way chords move, and you’ll discover how to play colorful and creative chord substitutions on the fly.

 The third 5-week segment of “Jump to Jazz” takes on familiar but essential standard jazz tunes. Before you know it, you’ll be reading chord charts and improvising on the changes. Remember when you first learned your C, G, and D cowboy chords and realized how many songs were suddenly within your reach? This course is the nuclear-powered version of that. We’ll open up the doors to learning, understanding, and playing an endless selection of tunes you can play at any jazz jam session, anywhere in the world.

 I’m Peter Mazza, New York City jazz guitarist and professional jazz guitar instructor. I invite you to join my online community of dedicated and encouraging guitar players, explore my selection of live, online group courses, and make the jump to jazz.

The first section of this 3 part series will begin live on Sunday, August 22nd live on Zoom. Asynchronous participation is also welcome since all of my classes are recorded and made available to participants. 

You’ll benefit from receiving positive feedback and support from me and your group colleagues on the live calls as well as on my private FB page, called CHORD MELODY FROM THE GROUND UP.

Join the class live or watch the recordings and participate on your own schedule!

    • Class meets online for five Sundays (see special summer dates)
    • Join a group of supportive and encouraging jazz guitarists
    • Break this complex language down into simple concepts
    • Dive deep into the specific song form and related concepts each week
    • Get access to the Peter Mazza workbook
    • Share your progress in the private Facebook group
    • Ask Questions and practice performing throughout the course

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“Make the Jump to Jazz” includes all three-5-week-segments, “Jazz Blues”, “Rhythm Changes”, “Jam Prep” Sundays at 4pm


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