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Chord Melody – Advanced Harmony and Solo Guitar Arranging GROUP 1 at 9:30am

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August 29, 2021 9:30 am
September 26, 2021 11:00 am

Chord Melody From the Ground Up

Advanced Harmony and Arranging for Solo Guitar/GROUP 1 

Explore the language of harmony, deepen your ears, apply the theory, see the fingerboard, and develop ways to play chord melody. You’ll build off the expressiveness and pacing of the lyrics, then construct rich and intricate ideas from your knowledge of chord shapes and harmonic possibilities.

Sundays 9:30am EST, 90 Minutes
The first 5 week segment starts on August 29th (followed by two more 5-week-segments)
Total cost for new students is $200 per 5 week segment.

This 3-part course on harmony and solo jazz guitar arranging was created for advanced and professional guitarists. Deepen what you already do well, welcome fresh new ideas, and connect them in your own way. Fill the gaps in your understanding, and discover and define YOUR OWN SOUND!

“Advanced Harmony and Arranging for Solo Jazz Guitar” explores the intricacies of the musical language we love. You’ll create your own arrangements and practice performing them.

The harmonic concepts I teach are expansive yet clear and applicable. You’ll centralize your harmony and fingerboard knowledge. Whether addressing a whole tune or just a few bars, you’ll reveal a world of musical possibilities and find the sounds that appeal to you.

These sessions offer a great place to generate breakthroughs and a safe place to “fail forward.”

In the first 5 weeks we’ll start with a detailed look at harmony (intervals, major, melodic minor and diminished scales and derived triads, 7ths, modes, parent key/chord scale relationships, 13th chords, superimpositions from 13th chords, perfect cycle, diatonic cycle, diatonic substitution, secondary dom7s, tritone substitution) and relate them all to the fingerboard.

You’ll learn a basic arrangement for “All the Things You Are” and how to use the lyrics of the tune to play phrases that are dynamic and expressive. You’ll create progressively more lush and intricate arrangements as you master the concepts.

In the second 5-week course you’ll apply all this new language to creating your own solo arrangement of “All the Things You Are”. You’ll learn how to compose and perform complex ideas with confidence, clarity and expressiveness. We’ll apply lush voicings, chord substitution, inner voice leading, play rubato and in tempo and talk about approaches to groove and space.

In the third 5-week segment of “Advanced Harmony and Arranging for Solo Jazz Guitar” you’ll dive into “solo guitar beyond the melody.” You’ll leverage your new harmonic and technical knowledge to improvise and arrange an unaccompanied solo chorus.

I’m Peter Mazza, New York City jazz guitarist and professional jazz guitar instructor. I invite you to join my online community of dedicated and encouraging guitar players, explore my selection of live, online group courses, and play and master harmony and solo jazz guitar!

The first section of “Advanced Harmony and Arranging for Solo Guitar” begins live on Sunday, August 29nd live on Zoom. Asynchronous participation is also welcome; all of my classes are recorded and made available to participants.

You’ll receive always-encouraging feedback and support from me and your colleagues on the live calls as well as on our private FB group.

Join the class live or watch the recordings and participate on your own schedule!

    • Each course segment meets online for five Sundays ( a full course is 15 weeks)
    • Join a group of supportive and encouraging jazz guitarists
    • Break complex harmony down into simple concepts
    • Dive deep into a concept and a portion of the tune each week
    • Get access to the Peter Mazza workbook
    • Share your progress in the private Facebook group
    • Perform your work and  arrangement in class

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Chord Melody – Advanced Harmony and Solo Guitar Arranging GROUP 1 at 9:30am


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Five consecutive Sundays, August 29-September 26th