Dear Friends,

Thank you for your purchasing my 20-minute instructional video on harmony, chord-melody and related topics on learning tunes and how to create inventive solo guitar arrangements.

The video presents a live performance and break-down of the first 16 bars of my "Over the Rainbow" arrangement, with detailed discussion on the above topics.

After I receive your pay pal payment, I will send you a drop box link full of valuable written, audio and video music including-

-an in-depth transcription of the full arrangement of the "over the rainbow" performance featured on my CD- "Circles and Lines" written in standard notation with my fingerings written in. Free tabs will be available soon with any/all purchases.

-audio recording of "Rainbow from my CD"
-video of my live trio performance of "rainbow"
-all video is available in various file formats to accommodate different computers

This link will bill you via Pay Pal.

At the moment, I'm administering all of this myself, so please give me 24-48 hours (maximum) to respond to your payment and to send you your drop box link/content.

I am grateful for your business and excited to share this helpful material!

Please note that the purchased material is ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Please refrain from sharing the drop box link with anyone, but feel free to encourage lovers of harmony and solo guitar to purchase the download from me.

Feel free to be in touch.

Thank you for your business!


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